Digital Product Specialization

I have 4+ years experience of working as a Digital Product Designer and being involved in every phase of the design process. From being on a 5-person team at a German early-stage startup building an AI-based MedTech product for radiologists from the ground-up, to joining a 600-person workforce spread throughout North America and Australia, designing SAAS solutions in the Home Health space, I’ve gained the knowledge and skills necessary to make your digital product successful in your desired market.


I go into more detail of each step below in my various offerings

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Package 1

Assess Landscape

  • Make a remediation plan outlining necessary next steps
  • Evaluate where you stand with your product and your users
Good for:
  • Early-stage startups that want to validate their idea and get started on the right path to serving their business and users
  • Companies at any stage who have received a low NPS score, poor customer feedback, need to pivot and don’t know what to do
  • Companies that want to build a new product and need direction


  • Use various research methods to define user needs and business/ product opportunities
Good for:
  • Any stage company that wants to learn who their users are so they can develop the right products for them, increase user satisfaction and therefore increase sales
Package 2
Package 3

Business/Product Strategy

  • Take research findings and translate them into strategic goals and a product functionality definition
Good for:
  • Anyone who has their user research done and needs to establish the right business and product strategy

UX Design

  • Low-fi Mockups Design, Prototyping, Re-iterating, Roll-out Plan
Good for:
  • Anyone who has done the user research, has a business and product strategy established, but needs help translating the findings into a product design that considers optimal user experience
Package 4
Package 5

The Total Package

  • If you need it all!
Good for:
  • Early stage startups that know they need someone to design their web or mobile application and are at the beginning of their journey
  • Companies who know they need to pivot but don’t know in which direction