Entered the world in Bucharest, learned my ABC’s in Toronto, now I sing in my shower in Montreal, Zurich, Berlin.

I’m Luana, an experienced product designer with 2+ years designing for the MedTech industry and prior experience working as a health researcher.  

I’m fascinated by all things digital, including that sweet spot where the digital and physical spheres intersect. I’m especially interested in emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain and AR/VR, particularly those focused on sustainability, art, and health.

Creative in the front,
business-oriented in the back.

Over the last 2 years I worked at mediaire, where I helped shape the complete feature list of their AI-powered software for radiologists from the ground up.  I’ve learned that I have the most fun when I’m coming up with ideas, strategizing  and executing designs on my handy dandy design software (I predominantly use Sketch and Figma).

Value-driven, with a glass half-full attitude, I work with the belief that there is a solution to every problem, if the right question is asked.


Product Design (incl. SAAS)
Web Design
Experiential/Spatial Design*

*Fresh and eager to explore