Curated Physical Experiences

I have noticed how sensitive I am to the effects of the spaces I am in based on the way various elements in a space either work to inspire me and make me feel good or make me want to leave as quickly as possible. I combine my skills gained from working as a User Experience Designer with my knowledge gained from Interior Design to assess and/or build spaces that invite, delight and keep people wanting to stay as long as possible or return again.

Do you...

  • own a restaurant, club, cafe, etc. and wish to increase customer acquisition, customer retention and longevity of customer visit by improving the overall guest experience?
  • wish to attract a new type of audience to your space?
  • wish to intentionally curate a new experience?
  • have a newly-built space and wish to test-drive it before the grand opening to ensure it will be successful?
  • wish to ensure a barrier-free experience in your space?

I am here to help you create the optimal guest experience based on your desired outcome, a bespoke strategic plan and a clear success grading.


In the free discovery call, we can discuss the best way forward that would suit your needs.